In the words of one of this Jamaica Plain-based artist's neighbors -- just before calling in a noise complaint -- "the girl has a serious set of pipes on her." And that she does. Perhaps you caught Sara in the act with her old blues-rock outfit, the Jody Grind? No? Then you obviously weren't going to the right shows or listening to the right radio stations.  A “cross between Janis Joplin and Bonnie Raitt,” this “spell-binding,” bluesy, guitar-playing, songstress has circled back to her home town of Boston by way of long stops in Montreal and New York, with her style and talents all showing deeper and broader for the journey.  She’s taken up with a wayward group of misfits, the Sagamore James Band, amplifying her “soulful, passionate, heart wrenching vocals” with the guitar stylings and vocal harmonies of Darren Ray, BJ Ray on the drums, and Jeremy Dryden on bass.   The result is a foot-stomping, hip-swinging blue label bottle of equal parts roots-rock, soul, funk & blues.    

Download -- not illegally though, Sara’s also a lawyer – the group’s latest EP, Carried Away to hear a few raw original beauties.  Sara and the boys are currently working on their first full-length album, and hope to release it shortly.  In the meantime you can catch Sara live on either side of the river, at least until the Sagamore James boys have worked off their legal fees (but they all agree playing for Sara is better than languishing in South Bay Correctional Facility).